My Passion? There’s a unique feature that drives every individual, and which forms the basis for their actions, inactions and perception of events around them. But one basic feature drives humanity, LIFE! Life is the process that exists from birth to death. It is a universal phenomenon whose value can be estimated only to the same degree we claim knowledge of it, and only to that height can we really live.

Sadly, many a man, caught up in life’s occasional unfriendly web have overtime loss grip on things of utmost significance to him. This has dealt a bigger blow on people’s behavior, perception and orientation. The result being the current state of disequilibrium evident in our personal, family and social lives.

This development left, and is still leaving more individuals, societies and humanity by extension gasping for balance, yearning for love, craving for comfort/happiness yet, scrambling without end, for the meaning and purpose of life on earth.

This informs my corporate vision to evolve a life changing career tailored towards reconciling man to himself and restoring balance to humanity through Oratory, Motion Pictures and Technology.



It never or rarely happens that a republic or monarchy is well constituted, or its old institutions entirely reformed, unless it is done by only one individual ~ Niccol Machiavelli. I believe that leadership must assume the right place in the scheme of events. I know its time to revolutionize leadership. Its time to lead by example in all ramifications.


“All that the young can do for the old is to shock them and keep them up to date”. ~ George Bernard Shaw. I believe its time for the youth to wake up from her slumber, outgrow her wishful thinking and decide how she must live her life and for the development of her immediate environment. I believe so much in the innate ability of young people to do more than daydream.


“A society, in which women are taught anything at all but the management of a family, the care of men, and the creation of the future generation, is a society which is on the way out”. ~ L. Ron Hubbard and “As long as men are men, a poor society cannot be too poor to find the right order of life, nor a rich society too rich to have need to seek it”. ~ Richard Henry. The greatest challenge a society will ever have to contend with is her family system. Just as no man can grow beyond his imagination and perception of himself, so shall no society develop and be at peace beyond the relative calm in her individual families. I believe the society influence the family and the family shapes the society, but the change we all desire must begin from the temple of our hearts, and from the sanctuary of our homes.

You are welcome, please join me in Exploring the Logic of my Passion. Please start here.